• Hook

    Acteurs et actrices: Hook, Capitaine crochet (1991)

    Dustin Hoffman (Capt. James S. Hook)

    Robin Williams (Peter Banning/Peter Pan)

    Julia Roberts (Tinkerball)

    Bob Hoskins (Smee, Captain Hook's servant/Garbage sweeper in Kensington gardiens)

    Maggie Smith (Granny Wendy/Middle-Aged Wendy)

    Caroline Goodall (Moira Banning)

    Charlie Korsmo (Jack 'Jackie' Banning)

    Amber Scott (Maggie Banning)

    Laurel Cronin (Liza, Wendy's housekeeper)

    Phil Collins (Insperctor good)

    Arthur Malet (Tootles)

    Isaiah Robinson (Pocket, lost boy)

    Jasen Fisher (Ace, lost boy)

    Dante Basco (Rufio, King of the lost boys)

    Raushan Hammond (Thud Butt, lost boy)

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